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  • Who We Are

    MCA Publications introduces MyCommStories for communities to share stories. We believe community leaders, writers, advertisers and readers, issuing together a singular parchment of their combined writings are generally tighter, more informed, and even happier to be together. Find out how this novel tool may improve your literary lifestyle.

  • What We Do

    MyCommStories offers community leaders their own site.  MCA Publications provides consultation for site operation and assigns advertisers for each publication. Leaders tailor site graphics and as Editors, choose topics and select stories to include in each publication.

  • How we do it

    MyCommStories uses WordPress Multisite and CBOX Open Lab so each community may create and operate their own website.  A leader is required to manage each community’s site and a minimum of 9 stories are needed for each publication.

  • Our Products & Services

    Our end product is a publication of community stories: between 9 & 19 stories per publication and services include this site, where leaders manage a place for their writers to reach, readers who enjoy, and advertisers who support this exciting new way for communities to communicate.

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    Anna Montgomery

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    Amy Andersen-Prebo

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    John B Pham

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    John P Pham

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    Test Fac1

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