About Us

Our Purpose = Your Writing

MCA Publications founded MyCommStories.com to give high school students an effective way to demonstrate their writing skills and to provide teachers a new and innovative way for engaging students in writing and reading. We believe there’s substantial value and mutual benefit when Student Writers and Educational Leaders work together and on a regular basis, to create and publish their stories on topics which interest them most.

High school teachers, especially those in English Language Arts, are ideal Community Leaders for students honing their Writing and Reading skills. This site provides educational Leaders a novel tool for engaging students in writing their voices and telling their stories on topics selected by the Leader or suggested by the Writer.

We believe education communities are stronger when students (and faculty) share interests outside formal classroom settings. This concept extends beyond formal learning communities as work groups are also closer when colleagues exchange stories unrelated to daily tasks and assignments. Residential communities likewise, are tighter when members engage on levels having little to do with topics typically debated during board or association meetings.

MCA Publications presents MyCommStories as a way for all communities of interest, to share their stories, on topics they choose, by giving them a tool and established process to create and publish.

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