Terms of Use

Our team is working to finalize our Terms and Conditions of Use.  Until we formalize these Terms we will operate this new Beta site according to these basic principles and want to emphasize the following:

  1. We require original work only.  No plagiarizing text or images.  
  2. Profanity of any kind will be not tolerated.
  3. Harsh criticism, bullying, or intensely negative writing will not be tolerated.  
  4. All users accept that any story may be removed from this site at any time without cause or explanation.
  5. All users recognize that not every story submitted will be included in a final publication or product.  All users accept without need for cause or explanation, that their story may not be published.

This is a start-up organization operating new and innovative processes.  We will have challenges both technically and operationally.  Not all will go perfectly or even smoothly and we expect there to be some frustration in getting started. 

We require your patience, professionalism, understanding and acceptance of any process, product, personnel, or technology challenges, difficulties or hardships encountered. 

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your interest in working with us to deliver this innovative and exciting product. 

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