Advertisers on MyCommStories stand to be the greatest beneficiaries of the site. Plans include aligning Colleges and Universities who have strong curricula in English and Journalism, with geographically-near High School and Middle School Writers who, regularly publish short Stories on over 100 Categories, under the guidance and leadership of their teachers.

Advertisers other than Colleges and Universities also benefit from connecting with these influential young writers and their readers. Given that Stories are written and organized by Categories ranging alphabetically from Accidents through Yoga, Advertisers have a direct channel to introduce their products and services to readers and writers, aligned with these Categories.

Advertisers order ads directly on this site based on their review of a Publication-In-Process (PIP). A PIP represents a document Community Leaders have approved and submitted, and on which MCA Publications is conducting final edits.

It is during this final editing process that Advertisers review and decide using the same document on which their Ad is placed, exactly where to place their ad. And using forms on this site Advertisers are able to efficiently provide their Ad Images, Text and Payment. Note that Image sizes, Text lengths and Prices per Ad vary.

Current ad prices are $150, $200, and $250 per box and within the actual Publication you will be advertising, are clearly marked as blue boxes.

If a box has already been sold for this Publication it is shown by XXXXXXXX. If you are an interested Advertiser and need further assistance, call us at YYYYYY.

Go here when ready to place your ad.