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Advertisers place ads directly from Community Sites. There’s a form included on each Community’s Site for Advertisers to procure ad space and we’ve likewise, included a form here, below. Advertisers use this form to provide their Image, Write-up, and payment which again, is included here as well as on each Community’s site. The Image size and Text lengths of the Advertising boxes vary – as do the prices.

Current ad prices are $150, $200, and $250 per box and are shown as blue boxes on the attached ADVERTISING Publication-in-Process (PIP). Ad Numbers and Image #s on the Ad form also correlate with this ADVERTISING Publication-in-Process (PIP). If a box has already been sold for this Publication it is shown by XXXXXXXX. If you are an interested Advertiser and need further assistance, call us at YYYYYY.

In addition to the above product sample showing price and description of Advertiser boxes , the below product sample is included as an example, to show those Advertiser boxes already populated.

Address to which we will send our response
If Non Education, Provide your Industry
In which Publication do you want to place your Ad
Advertiser No., Image#, and Prices correlate with the actual publication chosen above. Note that each Ad has an associated maximum character count (including spaces) and each Image has an approximated dimension and maximum file size (currently 1Mb).
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Dimensions of end-product vary - see your Publication-in-Process. Request your keep your file dimension close to that suggested. Current Maximum file size is 1Mb.
Each Ad has a maximum character count (including spaces). Refer to your Publication-in-Process to ensure you comply with that maximum for your Ad.