Improving More than Just a Project. Category: Home Improvement Projects, by F.X. Ermore.

I’m thinking about counting how many home improvement projects I’ve taken on throughout the years – all of them! Challenge would be for starters, what could be included: cutting the grass, painting the halls, replacing a light bulb? My residences, children and family member residences?

Certainly finishing a basement is included – definitely a given. Renovating a kitchen likewise is an automatic check in this DIY home improvement box. How about replacing a toilet, sink, or hanging two dozen pictures on a wall. Yes, I believe these also should count.

I’ve grown to like most of the home improvement projects taken on – especially when they’re done! Surprisingly, I’ve even grown to enjoy that clean up phase at the end. You know, when the actual project is buttoned down, but you’ve still got to gather and return all your tools back to the garage or tool room. Someone owns the job of throwing out all the remnant materials, dusting/sweeping/cleaning the floors and walls that have taken on the dust and debris inherent with any cutting repairing, and assembling.

All told, depending on what we include, I’m thinking there’ve been hundreds perhaps even thousands of home improvements taken on and completed throughout my time. And I’d like to go one generation deeper and include my father’s projects too and then his father and my other grandfather too.

In the end however, I’m thinking now that yes, it’s not the number that really counts but rather the experience and improved product of those tens of thousands of collective home improvements done for, and along with family and friends. The camaraderie built, the lessons learned, and the good and even bad times experienced which result in lasting memories and relationships all in the good name of improving ones living conditions.

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