Thank your Teachers – Present and Past. Category: Teachers and Teaching

by I.M. Writing, 10th Grade

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing many professional teachers in my life, a handful of which are in my immediate family.  I often remind them and other teaching professionals I encounter, how important they are today, in communities everywhere.  Without giving much thought or concern, parents all across our country and in fact, around the globe, entrust teachers with the people we treasure most: our children.  We leave our offspring for the majority of each day, five days a week (pre COVID of course), for 9 of 12 months every year.

And whether you’re reading this as an adolescent, young adult, or elderly community member, you don’t have to think very hard to recall at least one teacher who has positively impacted who you are today.  Hats off and hearts open to those teachers who continue showing up every day, year-after-year to serve a cause greater than most of us could provide, even if we wanted to.  We continue to honor and respect your contributions and results, each and every day, throughout each passing year.  Thank you.  

Remembering Friends who’ve Touched Us. Category: Pets

My daughter had to put her dog down last week; a very sad day for the whole family.  Luna was beyond special to all of us, and perhaps the sweetest and kindest animal from the dozens, no hundreds my daughter has rescued throughout her young life.  By far the lowest maintenance dog blessed to have entered my daughter’s animal sanctuary, Luna brought countless smiles and warm vibes to us all.  May God continue to bless the wonderful soul of Luna, and may her wondrous spirit live within us, always.   

Life Lessons, Being Prepared and doing Your Best. Category: Sports

by L.T. Spleigh

I started playing organized sports – baseball to start, somewhere around 2nd grade and played football and baseball each year growing up through freshman year of college.  And competitive hockey for ~ four years in my early teens, then again in an adult league throughout my twenties.  So I consider myself intimate with the world of sports.

My work colleagues used to joke about my use of hockey as a metaphor for life.  I loved it!  “This job is not like football,” I’d rant.., then expound.  We don’t have the luxury of time to huddle after every play and set a new plan.  It’s not like baseball – we don’t have one person standing against nine, nor nine organizations trying to get one out.  It’s not even like soccer, I’d surmise.  We don’t have the luxury of space to casually dribble and look around for an open shot or pass.

Our business is like hockey where you perform as fast as you can, under the threat of your adversaries taking you out.  It’s imperative to streamline the abilities of one organization to accurately pass information to another organization who then efficiently advances that info to another.  It’s engineering to finance, to marketing, back again to engineering who sends to manufacturing who rifles it to assembly, and so on…

This analogy of sports and business works in real life too.  We typically need to perform well under pressure and with much at stake.  And like sports, you don’t win all the time so get good at recovering from those times where you’ve been outscored and even on occasion, have suffered a loss.  As with all winning individuals and teams, the key is to Learn, Adapt and Proceed as collectively Improved, and best prepared for the next encounter.

Rekindling past Laughs and Good Times. Category: Vacation

by L.M. Ennopi

Just saying the word “vacation” brings happy thoughts, good memories, and a sense of excited anticipation.  Vacations are  getaways from our often mundane normalcy, transporting us to new places, giving us a break from our familiar day-to-day routines.

Vacations bring some risk of course, as one would expect whenever venturing into unknown territory.  Routines are broken, familiarities are replaced, sometimes with relatively dangerous activities.  Often there are aches and pains – physical and emotional as both the body and the mind are forced into activity not recently practiced.

And when they’re over and we return to our ‘normal’ day-to-day, hour-by-hour rituals, there’s always some sadness, even frustration.  But the memories remain and are rekindled through conversation and with today’s technology, through postings, pictures, and videos.

So re-live your good times and laugh about those aches earned on past vacations.  Initiate conversations with those who were there and even those who were not.  You may want to start by resurrecting those old pics, posts and videos.