Thank your Teachers – Present and Past. Category: Teachers and Teaching

by I.M. Writing, 10th Grade

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of knowing many professional teachers in my life, a handful of which are in my immediate family.  I often remind them and other teaching professionals I encounter, how important they are today, in communities everywhere.  Without giving much thought or concern, parents all across our country and in fact, around the globe, entrust teachers with the people we treasure most: our children.  We leave our offspring for the majority of each day, five days a week (pre COVID of course), for 9 of 12 months every year.

And whether you’re reading this as an adolescent, young adult, or elderly community member, you don’t have to think very hard to recall at least one teacher who has positively impacted who you are today.  Hats off and hearts open to those teachers who continue showing up every day, year-after-year to serve a cause greater than most of us could provide, even if we wanted to.  We continue to honor and respect your contributions and results, each and every day, throughout each passing year.  Thank you.