Rekindling past Laughs and Good Times. Category: Vacation

by L.M. Ennopi

Just saying the word “vacation” brings happy thoughts, good memories, and a sense of excited anticipation.  Vacations are  getaways from our often mundane normalcy, transporting us to new places, giving us a break from our familiar day-to-day routines.

Vacations bring some risk of course, as one would expect whenever venturing into unknown territory.  Routines are broken, familiarities are replaced, sometimes with relatively dangerous activities.  Often there are aches and pains – physical and emotional as both the body and the mind are forced into activity not recently practiced.

And when they’re over and we return to our ‘normal’ day-to-day, hour-by-hour rituals, there’s always some sadness, even frustration.  But the memories remain and are rekindled through conversation and with today’s technology, through postings, pictures, and videos.

So re-live your good times and laugh about those aches earned on past vacations.  Initiate conversations with those who were there and even those who were not.  You may want to start by resurrecting those old pics, posts and videos.