FUELING ON NICOTINE Category: Cigarettes, by J.S. Tsayno.

I smoked off and on, mostly off, for a few years during a time whilst extremely busy at work.  I found that an early morning coffee and cigarette was better than that same coffee with a buttery pastry.  And going from one meeting ending at 9am into another starting at 9:15am was efficiently bolstered with another coffee and a 2nd, oft-times 3rd cigarette.  And so on throughout the day.., you get the drift.  That process was all well and good until I found myself waking up at the usual 4:45am rise time, and thinking about smoking a cigarette.  What?!  This has got to be a problem!

So recognizing that I was riding too close to the rails of addiction, I forced myself to not have any cigs for a few days.  That’s better.  When I found myself not tasting cigarettes when I wasn’t smoking, I figured it okay to have another.  And so the cycle continued for a few years until the work pace slowed and I recognized, forever that this is a dangerous path.  I can see how so many folks get hooked, and want to quit but cannot.  

I still enjoy a few cigs – per year, and applaud loudly and give huge credits to those hooked, who are able to quit.  All told, I’d recommend a greasy, buttery pastry as a much better alternative, every time!

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