There are few things in life that are both good for you and fun to do. For me, bicycling is one of them. There’s nothing quite like free rolling under a shaded canopy of trees on a sunny day or the breeze while banking a downhill turn. To me those are really fun things to do. And while enjoying these moments is part of why I gear up and peddle on, there’s always the added health benefits (muscular & cardiovascular) and/or the fact that I’m traveling somewhere to get something done. Especially in a crowded community, bicycling is an efficient and effective transportation alternative. So if you’re not already riding or even thinking about it, I encourage you to give it due consideration. If it’s feasible for you, dust off that ole two-wheeler and give it a try. You may find riding a bike like eating your spinach and having it taste like chocolate (tastes good and good for you).

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