How it Works

  1. Leader Establishes Community
    • Clone Existing or (more difficult) Create new Website
    • Send Invitations
    • Approve requests to join
    • Establish Category linkage with Writers
  2. Writers Writer Stories – Send to Community Leader
    • Include Category, Title
    • Upload Story – Auto Notice to Leader
  3. Leader selects top stories for publication
    • Stories aligned with Categories
    • Appropriate, well-written, meaningful
    • Minimum – 10 stories per publication
    • Leader forwards to MCA Publications for Advertiser alignment
  4. MCA Publications aligns Advertisers with Stories
    • Alignment by Education, Category
    • Final editing for Publication
  5. MyCommStories issues Publication with advertisements
    • High Quality Stories published and searchable by Author, Community, Categories, and Geographical area.
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