Fitting Yoga into your habit of Breathing. Category: Yoga, by J.A. Author.

When I first heard the word Yoga, I thought someone was either talking about the legacy New York Yankees catcher – last name Berra, or prepping to break out in chant from the ridiculously funny, (or is it ridiculous but funny, or…?) late 1970’s movie Animal House (Toga! Toga! Toga!).  

So as a regular practitioner and firm believer in this ancient practice, suffice to say I’ve come a long way.  If someone were to ask what one (1) practice I recommend to stay physically healthy and mentally sharp, my answer without a second thought would be to practice Yoga regularly.  

I stumbled into a free Yoga class back in the early 2000’s and found myself yearning to go back and learn more.  There are virtually infinite poses of varying difficulties, each one focussing on different parts and portions of your body.  

The real secret to health benefits from Yoga stem from the required breathing – deep in, and deep out.  Several times throughout each stilled pose.

So if you’re not already wise to the physical and mental health benefits inherent with this ancient practice of Yoga, I encourage you too, to find a reason to stumble into it, and make it one of your regularly practiced habits.

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