Find and Follow that which Moves You. CATEGORY: Music, by P.L. Aweigh

I find music one of the most enjoyable and intriguing phenomena, ever.  An expressive form of communication and an integrated blend of applied science and creative art, I enthusiastically applaud those who write, read, play, sing, and balance the sounds of music.  You move me – figuratively and literally.

I believe we all are moved by music which, without thought puts our toe-to-tapping and fingers-a-snapping, moves muscles to a smile and very simply, can just make us feel better. 

That magic is mystical – but real, distant – yet couldn’t be any closer to our souls.  And although different folks are moved by different music – sometimes extremely different, we all share an appreciation at some level, of the wondrous effects of music.  Along with laughter, music is our one world’s universal language and can bring happiness in times of sorrow and peace in times of conflict.  

Music is a universal gift, wrapped and available for the low price of asking.  Open it, put it to work, and appreciate it for the moving magic it offers us all.

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