LEADERS create, monitor, and edit work done on, and by the Community.

High School and Middle School English Teachers and Department Heads are expected to comprise the majority of Community Leaders but we also look forward to interesting publications led by residential, workplace, hobbyist, retirement, and military communities as well.

Community Leaders are decision makers. Similar to newspaper and magazine Editors, Leaders here select which stories are included in each publication. As the name implies, Leaders at MyCommStories are responsible individuals capable of managing multiple inputs and delivering aligned outputs.

Go here to see an example of the final product Community Leaders deliver.

To create the above-referenced publication, Leaders establish the Community, choose topics / categories, review Writer’s content, guide collective output, and then select which Writer’s Stories are included for publication.

Detailed Instructions are provided for creating a Community Site and inviting Members to join. A simple shortcut is for a Leader to Register, Login, and locate “CLONE THIS SITE TO BEGIN YOURS.” When there, simply click the “Clone this Community” and fill in the two easy pages needed to start.

Here’s an Outline of the process:

CREATE YOUR SITE: Leaders establish the Community by first creating its website. MCA Publications has made this process very easy for Leaders; we’ve created an easily identified Site for Leaders to simply Clone their site. Go here for those step-by-step instructions.

SEND INVITATIONS: After Leaders have created their site (through Cloning as described and recommended above), the next step is to add Members. Leaders add Members to their Community in one of two ways – both of which are generally intuitive and easy to implement: (1) sending email invitations and (2) accepting Member requests to join. Leaders can invite multiple Members with one email from > My Profile > My Invitations > Invite New Members. This is where Leaders invite Members to join MCA Publications (naturally – required to join your Community). As part of this email invitation, Leaders should select and invite Members to join their specific Community, from this same site. Go here for further detail and instructions for adding Members.