Readers / Finished Publications

READERS on MyCommStories are the target audience and include general internet readers who will enjoy new and refreshing stories organized by topics / categories of interest. Other Readers of course include community leaders and writers and authorized advertisers. Community Leaders choose privacy and access settings for their communities.

We expect readers to enjoy the standard format established by MCA Publications and used by community writers and leaders. Attached below, is that format populated with sample stories and sample advertisers to demonstrate the general look and feel of each community’s completed work. This is an example of what each community publication will look like.

Each community will have a location similar to this page where completed publications are available for readers to enjoy. Access to this repository is determined by Community Leader privacy and access settings.

As we are still in initial stages of development, the attached is provided below as a finished publication example, for Readers, Leaders, Writers and Advertisers, to consider as they develop and plan to release their own finished publications.