Writers are the foundational strength of MyCommStories.com and for whom the site is created. High School and Middle School Writers are expected to comprise the majority of Writers here on MyCommStories.com but we anticipate excellent and informative stories also from residential, workplace, hobbyist, retirement, and military communities as well.

Writers of all ages are given an opportunity to work together and through their Community Leader, compile community stories into a central document and reach new audiences and a wide range of Readers.

Regular publications managed by Leaders such as High School and Middle School English Teachers or Residential Community Leaders, enable frequent opportunities for Writers to publish their stories on a variety of topics. And a data repository enables easy access for re-reading those stories well into the future.

Writers need a Community Leader to invite them to join their Community. Alternatively, Writers may request a Community Leader to accept them into their Community . It is the responsibility of the Community Leader to respond and either accept or deny the requesting Writer’s request.

Go here if you’re a Writer in an established community and ready to submit a story to your leader.