Details for Starting Your Community

LEADERs establish Communities at High School and Middle School English Teachers and Department Heads are expected to comprise the majority of Community Leaders. We also anticipate publishing stories from residential neighborhoods, workplace colleagues, hobbyists, alumni organizations, and veteran groups.

Community Leaders are decision makers. Similar to newspaper and magazine Editors, Leaders here select which stories are included in each publication. As the name implies, Leaders at MyCommStories are responsible individuals capable of managing multiple inputs and delivering aligned outputs.

Leaders establish the community, choose topics / categories, review Writer’s content, guide collective output, and then select which Writer’s Stories are included for publication.

If you’re able and ready to take on the responsibilities provided above and want to establish, and manage your Community of Writers, read on…

There’s a condensed version of these detailed instructions which can be found here otherwise Leaders may get started by following the details below and establish their Community, first by creating their unique Site and then by gathering their Community Members.


STEP 1: The first step to establish a Community on is for the Leader to <Create> or <Clone> a Community Website. We recommend Leaders <Clone> their first site and MCA Publications provides a Site for getting started.

Once a Leader has joined and been accepted to a Cloneable Community, they’ll use their Username and go to > My Profile >Communities and Clone their first site. Try jumping here to get started and use the pics below for further guidance.

Use “GUIDING PICTURES -1 and -2 below to begin “Cloning a SITE.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cloning-Site_Pic1-Rev.1-Nov2020.001.jpeg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cloning-Site_Pic-2-Nov2020.001.jpeg

Once here, Leaders complete two simple screens to finish creating their site. The first screen is where Leaders choose the new Community name. Name should be generally simple and under 50 characters. The url box auto-populates with the Community name, where a green check indicates okay to proceed. The Leader can then upload an Image to represent the Community, provides a required short description then chooses whether or not make their new site cloneable. A Leader who intends to have other Faculty members create communities of their own, should enable cloning. Academic Units can be blank, Term examples include Winter 2021, Spring 2021, etc., nomenclature is flexible. Your Community’s State and Zip Code should be provided respectively in the Community and Section Code boxes. Leader’s also select here how others view the community: ‘Public,’ ‘Private,’ or ‘Hidden.’ Definitions are provided.

The second screen of 2 allows Associated Site Privacy Settings: Public, Private, or Hidden and Member Role Settings: Group Members default is ‘Author,’ Group Moderators default is ‘Administrator,’ and Group Administrators default is ‘Administrator.’ Definitions for each are provided.


STEP 2 – ADD MEMBERS: Now that the Leader has established the Community site, the team needs some members. Leaders bring Members into their Community in two ways:

  1. Inviting them to the Community
  2. Accepting their Requests to Join

Leaders can invite up to 30 Members with one email from

> My Profile > My Invitations > Invite New Members. At this time of our newly developing site, we are experiencing technical issues with this “Invite New Members” being visible on some mobile devices. If you’re experiencing this issue, we apologize for the inconvenience and request you please send Invitations from your desktop, while we are diligently attempting to remedy this issue to our mutual satisfaction. Thank you.

NOTE – Use one separate line for each email invitation

Leaders, when sending the email invitation, should select their specific Community (as shown in Picture No. 3 below). If you do not select your specific Community, Members will receive your invitation to join MCA Publications and have to go through a separate request process to then join your specific Community. Checking the box for your specific Community invites your Members to join your specific Community (again – see Sending Invitations – Guiding Picture No. 3 below)

Sending INVITATIONS – Guiding Picture No.1
Sending INVITATIONS – Guiding Picture No.2
Sending INVITATIONS – Guiding Picture No.3

When your Writer’s receive your invitation to join this new Community, if they are not already a member of, they’ll be asked to establish a username and p/w for, then be able to accept the invitation to join your Community. Generally standard processes for joining a new site.

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