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Community Leaders


High School Student Writers are the foundational strength of MyCommStories and for whom the site is created.
Young Writers are given an opportunity to reach new audiences while positively impacting their Community Leaders, Readers, other Writers, and Advertisers.
Regular publications managed by High School Community Leaders – typically English Teachers or Department Heads, enable frequent opportunities for Writers to publish on a variety of topics. And a data repository enables easy access for re-reading those stories well into the future.

High School English Teachers and Department Heads are expected to comprise the majority of Community Leaders
Community Leaders are decision makers. Similar to newspaper and magazine Editors, Leaders here select which stories are included in each publication. As the name implies, Leaders at MyCommStories are responsible individuals capable of managing multiple inputs and delivering aligned outputs.
Leaders establish the community, choose topics / categories, review Writer’s content, evaluate performance, guide collective output, and then select which Writer’s Stories are included for publication.

READERS on MyCommStories are the target audience and include general internet readers who will benefit from accessing fresh new stories sorted by topics / categories of interest.
Readers also include community members consisting of a much smaller subset than the generic Internet Readers referenced above. Depending on how Community Leaders setup their community, these Community Readers may have more insight than other generic Internet Readers.
Other Community Writers of course are also Readers as are Advertisers.

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